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Gonzalo Alonzo and Mariel Robles (Buenos Aires)

Mariel Robles and Gonzalo Alonso began teaching tango together 1999. After intensively developing their tango and teaching in the province Santa Fe they moved to Buenos Aires 2003. Mariel has her background in classic and spanish dances and Gonzales in tango, salsa and mambo.
They have been teaching tango at Estudio Tango Elite Argentino between 2003-2004.
As members of the cultural and pedagogic leading group they participated in the creation of Estudio DNI 2004 until 2008 in Buenos Aires. Now they have continued teaching on their own developing their tango dance and pedagogy further focusing on the social aspects of the tango, musicality and dynamics. They have participated in several international tango festivals in Buenos Aires and abroad and have been teaching tango and giving performances in other countries for example Venezuela, Mexico, China, Sweden, Spain, Brazil and Germany. They are appreciated for their musical creativity, their deep knowledge of the dynamics of movements and their fantastic ability to teach and always develop their pedagogy. Their embrace (abrazo) is mature and a sign of the depth of their warmth, their sensuality, social abilities and charming personalities. They are known for their brilliant teaching creating a relaxed athmosphere based on mutual respect, always making efforts listening to the individual needs.



Mariel Robles and Gonzalo Alonso



Marga Nagel (Hamburg)

Marga Nagel belongs to the founders of the Queer Tango Festival Hamburg. She has been dancing and teaching Tango Argentino for more than 20 years and contributed to establishing the Hamburg tango scene, particularly in the queer realm. She has learned with various maestras and maestros, also in Buenos Aires. Marga has been teaching in Switzerland, The Netherlands, Sweden, Argentina. Her experience of many years in dancing and teaching both, the lead and the following part has proved an enrichment for her students. She focusses especially on all aspects that lead to mutual perception and a dialogue in which both partners have the same rights.Marga is renouned and appreciated for her elegant, sophisticated style, which she charmingly conveys in her lessons with her differentiated perception and instruction.


Marga Nagel



Charlotte Rivero (Stockholm)

Charlotte teaches queer tango in Stockholm and is the founder of queertango in Sweden. Charlotte had a presentation about her concept queer tango pedagogy/teaching at the international dance research conference NOFOD, Stockholm January 2006. She runs her own queertango school, Tangoverkstan - Roles in Motion, in Stockholm and organizes Stockholm International Queer Tango Festival. Charlotte has also been teaching at different parts of Sweden, in Oslo and the queertango festivals in Hamburg, Buenos Aires. Recently she worked as an invited guest teacher with tango & gender/queer theory for the National Academy of Mime and Acting in a gender project. She is also a guest teacher at University College of Dance. The emphasis in teaching is based on dynamic movements, presence in the moment, connection and communication with awareness of power relations and gender structures. The pedagogy is based on gender/queer theory, norm critcal thinking and problem based learning. This year Charlotte was invited guest choreographer and dancer in The Threepenny Opera where she and other dancers from Tangoverkstan made a tango performance during the Pimp's Ballad taking place at a brothel.

Sabine Berge (Stockholm)

Sabine, originally from Germany, has been teaching together with Charlotte at the birth of Tangoverkstan and at Stockholm Pride 2006. They also made performances at the Pride Festival. Sabine is since a long time an appreciated instructor and tango profile in Stockholm.



Charlotte Rivero


Sabine Berge and Charlotte Rivero
© Photo Julio Rito



Michael Cysouw and Paula Irene Villa (Leipzig)

Michael Cysouw dances tango since 1989, originally in Nijmegen with Eric Jørissen, and teaches since 1992. To him, the most fascinating aspect of Tango is the special kind of interaction within the couple, and the prospect to extend this basis in the direction of a true equal form of communication.

Paula IreneVilla dances tango since 1994 and teaches - sometimes more, sometimes less - since 1998. She's especially interested in getting over "gender roles“ in life in general as in tango in particular and insists on having lots of fun when doing so.

Paula and Michael have participated as teachers in queer tango festivals in Hamburg. Paula also participated in seminars abut queer tango and she gave speaches about queer aspects of tango.
>>Paula's website



Michael Cysouw


Paula Irene Villa


Ute Walter (Hamburg)

Ute Walter belongs to the first generation of European dance teachers by gaining experiences for more than 20 years of dancing and teaching. Workshops u.a. in Argentina, Switzerland, Sweden and Netherlands.Of all the well known Maestras and Maestros, with whom she practiced, Gustavo Naveira influenced her dance style most. Her passion for music and structure, her sharp analytical view are determent for her non curlicue and empathetic teaching style as well as her special didactic ability to prepare the most difficult themes. The emphasis of her teaching as well as her scientifical work in tango and dialog, tango and awareness, tango and gender. She is one of the initiators and Organizer of the Queer Tango Festival Hamburg.


Ute Walter

Maria Sarasate

Maria Saraste Albrecht RPT, MSc, has practiced as a physical therapist since 1981. She has a strong interest in movement, and has explored various dance forms since childhood.
Maria has a background in orthopedic manual therapy and holds a "specialist competence" in sports medicine. She spent 13 years in the United States, working as a physical therapist, pursuing dance/movement and physical therapy related course work. Maria has co authored a streching book for dancers. Currently she is practicing physical therapy in Stockholm, and teaching anatomy/injury prevention at the University College of Dance.



Maria Saraste


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