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Gonzalo Alonzo and Mariel Robles (Buenos Aires)

Mariel Robles and Gonzalo Alonso began teaching tango together 1999. After intensively developing their tango and teaching in the province Santa Fe they moved to Buenos Aires 2003. Mariel has her background in classic and spanish dances and Gonzales in tango, salsa and mambo.
They have been teaching tango at Estudio Tango Elite Argentino between 2003-2004.
As members of the cultural and pedagogic leading group they participated in the creation of Estudio DNI 2004 until 2008 in Buenos Aires. Now they have continued teaching on their own developing their tango dance and pedagogy further focusing on the social aspects of the tango, musicality and dynamics. They have participated in several international tango festivals in Buenos Aires and abroad and have been teaching tango and giving performances in other countries for example Venezuela, Mexico, China, Sweden, Spain, Brazil and Germany. They are appreciated for their musical creativity, their deep knowledge of the dynamics of movements and their fantastic ability to teach and always develop their pedagogy. Their embrace (abrazo) is mature and a sign of the depth of their warmth, their sensuality, social abilities and charming personalities. They are known for their brilliant teaching creating a relaxed athmosphere based on mutual respect, always making efforts listening to the individual needs.



Mariel Robles and Gonzalo Alonso
gonzalo and mariel


Charlotte Rivero (Stockholm)

Charlotte is the founder of queer tango in Sweden. She presented her concept of queer tango pedagogy/teaching at the international dance research conference NOFOD, Stockholm Jan 2006. She runs a queer tango school, Tangoverkstan - Roles in Motion, in Stockholm and organizes the annual Stockholm International Queer Tango Festival, the second queer tango festival in the world.

Charlotte has also been teaching at different parts of Sweden both in straight and queer communities, in Russia, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Argentina and Germany and the queer tango festivals in Hamburg, Copenhagen and Buenos Aires. She performed and gave a speach at the first San Francisco queer tango festival 2009.

Her work with queer tango has gotten acknowledgement by official institutions in Sweden. She works as an invited guest teacher with tango & queer/gender theory for example at the University of Dramatic Arts, at University College of Dance, The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences and The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR).

The emphasis in teaching is based on dynamic movements, musicality & improvisation, presence in the moment, connection and communication with awareness of power relations and gender structures. In the teaching exploration and play with roles is essential: from clear roles, clear exchanges of roles to more sliding/open/improvised roles.

The pedagogy is based on gender/queer theory, norm critcal thinking, problem based learning and empowerment.


Charlotte Rivero


Charlotte Rivero
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