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Karo La Chica Stege (Belgium)

Karo started with the first generation of European tango dancers more than 20 years ago, first leading and now mostly following by changing roles more and more.
Before tango there was ballroom dancing and r'n'r from schooltime up with sometimes DJing on parties etc. Collecting tangomusic from the beginning, Karo started DJing tango about nine years ago and does this beside her main business with a mobile discotheque using her own sound equipment.


Karo Stege

Pino Dangiola (Stockholm)

Pino Dangiola is the founder and creator of Tangocamp.
He also started ClubTango in Stockholm. He is Sweden's most well-known tango dancer and has been seen in several movies, TV productions and on the stage as dancer, actor and choreographer. Pino has a big influence in the development and accelerated popularity of the tango in Sweden. Pino has been DJing since 1994. In the early days the cassette decks were used. But with the entry of Mini-disc he started with cortinas in Sweden. For a long time he only worked with CDs, but lately he works with LPs, Laptop and CD's. He has made a success lately in Stockholm with creating a special athmosphere and feeling by playing LPs on his Stanton LP player in combination with more modern DJ tools such as Laptop.

Pino Dangiola says:
I enjoyed working with CD's only..that kept me on my toes all the time and I knew the sound would be great...but of course the relief of having an already preliminary play list made is taking away a lot of stress. The songs I choose are songs I would like to dance to myself, but I always try to feel the crowd. I think I have a rather large repertoire, which allows me to go wild if I feel it suites the milonga. But of course, my main choice of songs are within the Golden Age.
But for sure newer tango groups and electronic tango are always running in my head.....waiting for that right moment.



Pino Dangiola


Ilja Rathgen (Switzerland)

Ilja started dancing Tango in Erfurt in 2003. Soon after he was thrown in DJing at the deep end. Thus he engaged in Tango music deeper and deeper. Loving the classic Tangos of the golden age, he also likes to discover to which songs you can dance too. After DJing in middle Germany he's currently playing in east Switzerland.


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