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Augusto Balizano and Miguel Moyano (A&M)
Very well known tango artists and instructors i
n Buenos Aires and organizers of the popular gay milonga La Marsháll and members of the the QueerTangoFestival organizing team in Buenos Aires. They have performed at the most prestigious milongas in Buenos Aires, Berlin and England. In their performances they mix traditional tango with other dancing techniques from for example contemporary dance and ballet. They both dance and teach both roles for gay and straight people in Buenos Aires and Europe.They have also been teaching at the queertango festivals in Hamburg and Stockholm.

Ute Walter and Marga Nagel (U&M)
Very appreciated and skilled tango teachers from Hamburg, with 20 years of tango teaching experience. They are also founders of the annual queer tango festival in Hamburg. They both have contributed in building a platform for an international queertango scene and their effort has resulted in a queer space where queer tango dancers from all over the world can meet. Their work has inspired and encouraged other countries to create locally queer tango scenes
Ute&Marga also have been teaching at the queertango festivals in Stockholm and Buenos Aires.

Charlotte Rivero & Katja Sarajeva(C&K)
Charlotte teaches queer tango in Stockholm and is the founder of queertango in Sweden. Charlotte had a presentation about her concept queer tango pedagogy/teaching at the international dance research conference NOFOD, Stockholm January 2006. She runs her own queertango school, Tangoverkstan, in Stockholm, the first queer tango school in Sweden. Charlotte has also been teaching at the queertango festivals in Hamburg and Buenos Aires. Katja Sarajeva is an experienced dancer and has been teaching and giving performances together with Charlotte at the Pride Festival and other queer events in Sweden.
>> Tangoverkstan


Maurizio Ghella & Martin Maldonado(MG&MM)
Maurizio & Maldonado are dancers,artists
teachers and coreographers in Argentina.
They have
been working toghether since 2003 in
several projects connected to tango
in theaters in Argentina. In
2006 they made a tango tour teaching and performing
Spain, Germany, Sweden, Denmarc and Iceland.
Maurizio & Martin work as tango teachers
in different milongas in Buenos Aires.
Martin works at the National School of Dances, were he teaches tango,folklore dance, ballet and contemporary
dance. Their proposal is a union of
technique and corporal balance
to achieve a natural movement.
For the last year they also have been
working with Helen La Vikinga.

Helen La Vikinga Halldorsdottir (H)
Helen is an appreciated and experienced teacher,
artist and organizer. She has been teaching tango
at milongas,dance schools and festivals in Sweden,
Denmark, Iceland and Argentina.She is living in BuenosAires, organizing the milonga Mano a Mano at Salón Canning and also lead her own tango studio Escuela La Vikinga.Helen has beenteaching tango, milonga and chacarera together with Martin Maldonado. They also give
performances, some times all three together
(Helen, Martin and Maurizio)and with los 3 Divinos.