Stockholm International Queer Tango Festival
Stockholm International Queer Tango Festival 6th ed 13-15 May 2011

24-26 May 2013 (8thed)

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Try your first steps of tango at the festival

Queer Tango Teaching Philosophy

Queer Tango is freedom and dancing pleasure! Queer tango teaching gives you the possibility to play with dance roles without being forced into one role because of your sex. It's your choice if you want to dance as a leader or follower, both roles or even sliding / open roles. Queer Tango enrich, broaden & deepen interaction and your dancing in a playful dialogue. Queer teaching gives you the freedom of choice and is challenging the heteronormative structures which are preserving traditional thinking and practice about gender and sexuality. We want to create room for alternatives, diversity and dancing pleasure on a dance floor open for all! No partner needed. We offer the possibility to switch roles and partners in the workshops. If you prefer to dance only one role, please try to find a partner (if you can not find any we will be happy to assist you). It is also possible to just dance with your regular partner.

Lotte and Sabine Ute Walter





Tango i Stockholm - Cristiano Bramani and Andrea Cesarini


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Tango Festival Programme

Friday 24 May
17.00-20.30 WS & Practica Pink Group A Abf
17.00-20.30 WS Drop In Beginners Abf
18.30-21.00 WS Yellow Group B/C Rfsl
19.00-21.00 WS Green Group B/C Abf
21.00-02.00 Grand Opening Milonga Q Rfsl
Saturday 25 May
11.30-13.30 WS Pink Group A Abf
11.30-13.30 WS Drop In Musicality & Waltz Abf
13.45-15.45 WS Yellow Group B/C Abf
16.30-18.30 WS Green Group B/C Rfsl
21.00-03.00 Grand Festival Milonga Q Rfsl
Sunday 26 May
12.00-13.30 WS Yellow Group B/C Abf
13.45-15.45 WS Pink Group A Abf
13.45-15.45 WS Drop In Musicality & Milonga Abf
14.00-16.00 WS Green Group B/C Rfsl
16.00-23.00 Closing Festival Milonga Q Rfsl