Practica Q


Practica Q for Beginners

Fri 11 May 18.30-20.30

The Rainbow Connection "Let's get ready to enjoy the milonga"

With Marc Vanzwoll, Thierry Guénin &
Tobias Svenningsen

This year we offer something very special for Package A participants (dancing experience 0-1 years).  Thierry Guénin and Marc Vanzwoll will coach you at this inspiring and fun practica!

Welcome to this practica! It is specially tailored for beginners, and aims to make you feel comfortable and more confident on the dance floor. We will answer your questions and accompany you. We will also give you tips on how to play with the distance between couples during a milonga and make it enjoyable on a crowded floor.


  • 18.30-19.00 Get together. Refreshment pause, something
    small to eat.
  • 19.00-20.30 Practica. Instruction 30 min, then individual coaching.
  • About 20.30 Closing. After this we walk together to the milonga
  • Free entrance for Package A participants
  • Venue: arrowABF-Huset

Change of Directions with Ocho Cortado! All levels

Sat 12 May 20.00-21.00
arrowRegister Drop-In!

With Cristiano Bramani & Andrea Cesarini

Play and improvise with the traditional ocho cortado.

In the classic elements of tango we can find "new" ways to play with direction changes.

Ocho Cortado with its direction variations is also a useful tool for navigation on the crowded floor.





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